A persistent challenge to distributed DC renewable generation systems, whether solar, fuel cell or advanced energy storage has been the efficient collection of energy as output potential (voltage) drops e.g. reduced sunlight on the solar cell, discharge of a battery/capacitor or aging of fuel cell stack. 

Now for the first time there is a power electronics solution matched to the performance characteristics of variable low voltage DC sources – Marathon LR

With a unique ability to efficiently boost variable low voltage input to high-quality, high voltage output Marathon interleaves multiple parallel dc-dc converters to lower the RMS switching currents, distribute dissipated heat and enable soft switching capabilities.  The result is a DC-DC converter that increases in boost efficiency as the input voltage drops; performance characteristics opposite of today’s commercially available converters and perfect for variable low voltage DC sources.

The input currents of the multiple phases sum, while switching multiplies to give high current capability and an effective switching frequency many times higher than in a single-phase configuration. This high-frequency switching allows for the minimization of the devices inductors and capacitors, lowering cost and size while increasing reliability.

Benefits of this average current control method are infinite DC gain, better control of inductor current and immunity to noise.