Combined Energies LLC is an early stage startup focused on commercializing novel residential scale power electronic and fuel cell technology for the alternative distributed energy market. 

Power Electronics

Our unique and patented designs address the sector need for cost effective low voltage high current DC power converters capable of efficient operation at low voltages. This will allow our customers to:

  • Increase the duty cycle on renewable energy systems
  • Increase financial competitiveness of renewable energy systems
  • Increase overall return on investment
HT PEM Fuel Cell Systems

Leveraging 30 years experience in the design, development and integration of residential scale HT PEM fuel cell systems, Combined Energies offers HT PEM Systems with proven:
  • Durability in field applications
  • Capability with high CO and low H2 fuel streams
  • Scalable architecture (2 to 6kWe)

To learn more about Combined Energies LLC or see how our technology can help you please email us at: