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About Us

Rhonda Staudt, Operations

With over 10 years of alternative energy leadership, Rhonda has successfully managed multi-million dollar government programs from DOE and NYSERDA. She holds degrees in both Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in addition to her 13 years experience as an engineer for the Xerox Corporation.

Mark Sperry, Business Development

A business leader in start-up and Fortune 500 environments with expertise in strategic planning, marketing, sales, partnerships, finance, product development and operations. He has proven his ability to secure funding for business plans from both public and private sectors. Mark holds an M.B.A. from Syracuse University.

John Vogel, Product Development

As a leader in the alternative energy industry for over 12 years, John has held various product development positions and has successfully managed multi-million dollar government programs, including awards from the DOE, DOD and NYSERDA. John has held engineering positions at General Electric and Lockheed Martin. He holds degrees in both Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering.  

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